October 6, 2020

How to Use Mailchimp For Vacation Rental Email Marketing – StayFi

Now that you have set up your first campaign it’s time to start thinking about how you want to set up your vacation rental email marketing strategy for the future. Mailchimp offers many features worth exploring, such as:

 – The ability to set up triggered automated emails and email drip series. 

 – Triggers can include new bookings, specific website activity, departure, and more.

 – A/B testing with automated selection of the best campaigns to use.

 – The ability to break your contact lists up into logical segments in order to make targeting of specific customers easy.

It is highly recommended to use the automation feature in order to ensure that emails get sent out in a timely and consistent manner. This feature is perfect for fresh bookings and allows you to send an automated and scheduled series of emails welcoming your guest, providing important information about their stay. This series can even follow them throughout their stay and into the future. With an email series like this, the marketing possibilities are endless.

StayFi makes data collection a completely automated process, and its quick and simple integration with Mailchimp offers the ability to send out professional newsletters to your guests. With Mailchimp, designing an eye-catching, high-quality newsletter is easy. Combine these processes, and you’re sure to be unstoppable!

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