October 9, 2020

How to Incorporate AI in Email Marketing? – ONPASSIVE

importance of email marketing does not require any formal introduction. Perhaps,
this is the best way to accelerate sales and generate maximum revenue. But, how
many of the readers know the role of Artificial Intelligence in Email
Marketing? It is none other than the powerful AI, which helps email marketing
reach the next level. Truly, tis AI is the game-changer in the world of email

Intelligence can make optimum usage of the available data through a computer or
any other devices than run by iOS or Android. With the trial and error method’s
help, only this email marketing is revolutionizing the conventional ways of how
a typical email marketing strategy used to work previously. The journey of
incorporating AI into email marketing can be described in three simple steps.

Three Factors of AI that worked well in Email Marketing

Detecting the Primary Element

AI in Email Marketing comes with the unique feature of identifying
which elements of a given set of information are the most analytical ones. This
process simplifies the understanding of which one should be given the utmost
attention and which ones can be ignored.

Analyzing and Processing the Data

Artificial Intelligence is capable of analyzing the most projecting
attributes of each other among the gathered data. It can answer or recommend
the most relevant data or information for you based on AI’s algorithm.


Machine Learning, another branch of Artificial Intelligence, assists
in programming and reprogramming. It can be proven helpful to modify and
analyze the given information and the outcome of the same.

Email Marketing in 2020 is getting benefitted with the help of
Artificial Intelligence. According to a credible source, the revenue generation
will surge up to more than 200% because of this AI in Email Marketing by 2025! There
is no doubt that this massive development of AI in email marketing will
undoubtedly be the key player in the digital marketing industry.

benefits of AI in Email Marketing

In a nutshell, integrating AI in email marketing in 2020 can lead to
higher conversion rates, smart segmentation, customer satisfaction, and better
personalization. Overall, all these factors and aspects augment customer

Let’s dig deeper into how marketers can leverage AI and incorporate
this most modern technology to improve their Email Marketing in 2020.

Why Artificial Intelligence is the backbone of Email

Subject Lines

Subject lines are one of the most critical factors of an email
strategy to be successful. A good subject line of an email can instantly
attract your customer’s attention and make them decide on either skipping the
same or giving a read to the piece of content. Needless to say that a poorly
constructed subject line can even be marked as spam by searching it. So, try to
ace the subject line as that is the first step for you to guarantee success. Thanks
to the AI in Email Marketing, it effectively generates the most suited subject
lines that can gain higher click through rates. You can consider using the
Phrasee tool empowered by AI to create more impactful subject lines.

Personalized Mails

Near about 74% of marketers think that targeted personalization improves
overall customer engagement rates. That’s why it becomes imperative to
integrate hyper-personalization in emails. Here Artificial Intelligence plays
an important role. AI can decode complex algorithms, customer data retention,
details of Machine Learning to analyze the customer’s behavior. The algorithm
run by AI can predict the customers’ future behavior based on their previous
data available in the system.  Nothing
can be better than AI for personal interaction with your target audience. The
ideal way to gather customer data during their sign-up process by asking for
their choices and preferences.

Targeting and Segmentation

Various subscribers have a different kind of preferences. Imagine,
if AI in Email Marketing were not there, how marketers would have categorized
them separately and sent them personalized emails. Segmentation comes as your
savior by differentiating the subscribers based on their demographics, purchase
history, geographical location to know them much better. With the rise of
artificial intelligence in email marketing in 2020, email marketers have become
possible to get access to their details. If segmentation has been done
successfully, then you can take your campaign to the next level.

Find out
the Most Effective Email Sending Time

Many email marketers are yet to understand how frequently they
should send emails to their potential customers! The AI for Email Marketing
lets them optimize the time of email sent by analyzing the subscribers’
activity history. Email marketing in 2020 has become much simplified with the
help of the available information about the customers. AI can help them
understand the best time to shoot emails to achieve a more open rate. The best
practice is to schedule the email as per the preferred time and keep track of
the analytics to understand the performance.


As per the report published by McKinsey in the year 2013, 75% of the
customers on Netflix purchase and watch anything particular based on the
product recommendations; now,  you must
have understood the importance of product recommendation emails to strategize
email marketing 2020. With the artificial intelligence equipped algorithm’s
help, you can even create recommendation emails based on their browsing habit
and purchase history. It enhances the click-to-convert ratio of the express
mail. This real-time email recommendation is excellent in boosting engagement,
enhancing the click-through rate, and overall sales.

Customer Lifecycle

A successful email marketing campaign needs a thorough understanding
of the customer life cycle to send contextual emails. In this case, predictive
analysis and artificial intelligence play a pivotal role in gathering the
relevant information and analyzing the insight of the purchase habit. Once an
email marketer gets hold of the required information, they can quickly create
an effective email campaign that will bring success to the company by earning
more revenue.

Key Takeaways

Investing in artificial intelligence is such a decision that an
email marketer will never regret. Integrating the AI in email marketing will
help your business to generate more revenue by maximizing the ROI. Those who
all are aspirant email marketers or plan to start their career in this
lucrative field must possess a thorough understanding of this artificial
intelligence. Because Email marketing in 2020 is one of the key players in the
digital marketing industry.

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