October 10, 2020

Email Marketing for Natural Food Brands | Sonnenberg Media

What you want:

How email marketing can help:

Email has a major perk that social media doesn’t. Email marketing gives you the power to connect with current and prospective customers right where it counts: in the inbox. That’s where you can drive purchases, generate leads, and build buzz.

Plus email offers a return on investment (ROI) that’s pretty impressive. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can earn back an average of $44.*

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sent a marketing email before or if your tired email campaigns need a major reboot. Either way, smart email marketing for natural food brands can deliver serious results.

Why you’re smart to work with Sonnenberg Media:

You need a team that knows how to get in your customers’ inboxes. We’ve been designing email marketing campaigns for natural food brands for nearly five years. In that time, we’ve scored plenty of wins for our clients:

From monthly and weekly email newsletters that keep your customers engaged to email promos that share big news to automated email sequences that sell around the clock, our savvy strategies entice subscribers to read what you have to say — and break out their wallets.

But how do you know we have what it takes? Anna Sonnenberg is Email Marketing Certified by HubSpot, a leader in the inbound marketing industry. We also have almost five years of experience with email marketing under our belts — so we couldn’t be more ready to take your brand to new heights.

Get started with email marketing for natural food brands:

ESP account setup so you can email effortlessly

List segmentation so you land in the right inboxes

Simple signup forms so you can build your list

Monthly promo email to drive time-sensitive sales

Essential list maintenance for peak performance

Monthly email metrics to track progress

Welcome email to make a great 1st impression

Abandoned cart email to drive sales automatically

Monthly email metrics to track progress

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