3 Thanksgiving email marketing tips

As Thanksgiving approaches, take the time to humanize your business and show some gratitude to your subscribers. Instead of going in for the hard sell (unless perhaps you sell turkeys), use your email newsletters to champion your customers and give back to them, whether that’s in the form of a […]

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Email Marketing for Small Business

Email marketing for small business is an excellent way to connect with your audience, whether you’re looking for sales, prospects, or just staying front of mind. When you’re invited into someone’s inbox (and you should always be an invited guest), it’s a personal, one-on-one connection. At the moment they are […]

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Email Marketing Benchmarks: Higher Ed Edition

Introduction It’s hard enough to disseminate information across the various departments of your university or college under normal circumstances, but this year has posed an entirely new set of obstacles. Email is a simple, cost-effective way for you to share information fast—but it only works if your audience engages with […]

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